Born in Long Island, NY, I’ve been a wrestling fan ever since I was 6 years old.  My very first wrestling memory is watching Hulk Hogan get hit by a chair on WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event.  My favorite wrestler growing up was The Undertaker when he was feuding with Goldust and Mankind.  I remember getting so pissed off when Mankind would knock Taker out, and Goldust would basically dry hump a passed out Taker.  That was my past childhood trauma, seeing The Undertaker get raped. 

By the time I started middle school, Shawn Michaels was my favorite wrestler.  I wanted a DX shirt so bad, but my mom wasn’t going to allow me to wear something that says, “SUCK IT!” 

After Stone Cold beat HBK, Austin became my new favorite for his entire WWF/WWE run.  I’m someone of an impressionist, and Stone Cold is by far my best impression.  Back in 2015 producing at a sports radio station, we did a fake Stone Cold Steve Austin interview and we fooled the entire audience! 

One of my dreams in life was fulfilled in 2011, when I wrestled alongside my brother Joe in front of packed nightclub.  I dreamed of being a professional wrestler when I was a kid, so actually performing that dream in front of a big crowd was amazing! 

Unfortunately, The Attitude Era like all good things must come to an end.  WWF became WWE, which doesn’t nearly sound as cool, and they turned the majority of the product into a PG show.  I found myself fast-forwarding 90% of the show every week.  This podcast allows me to vent about my issues with the WWE, and doing the show every week has been non-stop fun!

I have been to three WrestleManias:  17, 32, & 34

Favorite WrestleMania Moment:  HBK, Stone Cold, & Mick Foley kicking The League of Nations ass at WrestleMania 32!  Being there in person and seeing 3 of my favorite wrestlers come out together made it that much more awesome.

Favorite Current Wrestler:  Dean Ambrose

Favorite Finishing Move:  The Curb Stomp

My Top 3 Spots of All-Time:

1. Undertaker throws Mankind off the Hell in a Cell

2. Edge Spears Jeff Hardy off the Ladder at WrestleMania 17
3. Shane McMahon jumps off the Hell in a Cell at WrestleMania 32

Other Obsessions: Movies, videogames, and the New York Jets