When the Macho Man Randy Savage hit Tito Santana with a "foreign object" to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship, I was hooked.  As a ten year old I had many questions.  Who is this Macho Man?  What is a foreign object?  Why can't I look away???  I became a fan of Pro-wrestling during the golden age - Hulk Hogan, Macho Man, Andre, Piper - I loved all these guys.  When a bad guy that I loved to hate turns good - it's the greatest thing to watch in the world!  

Born in NY I moved to Houston in the 90's.  I basically stopped watching WWE during the dark days of LT vs Bam Bam - but in my defense I was in college and the product wasn't great.  Then came the guy that changed everything and got me back in the game... HBK.  I loved everything about him.  He was the perfect heel - so then became the perfect hero.  Wrestlemania 12 was the greatest match with two of the best performers and a great ending.  

I took another little break a few years back but then my kids got into it and I started watching with them.  Nowadays I believe for the most part the product is kind of silly.  They are trying too hard to make certain fans happy (kids age 2-7) and they are not telling good stories anymore.

My Favorite Wrestlers of All-Time:
1. HBK
2. Ultimate Warrior (I was young and he was awesome)
3. Hulk Hogan
4. Macho Man
5. Stone Cold
6. Rock
7. HHH
8. Flair
9. Taker
10. Foley

Favorite Moment: When the Mega Powers formed.  Hogan saves Savage because Miss Elizabeth begged him to.  Then they are not sure if they should shake hands or fight so they look to the fans... and shake hands!!  Magical.

Current Favorites: Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, and Zack Ryder.