What's Wrong With Wrestling?

5 Time ... 5 Star WCW WWWW Champ

I’m digging the Podcast. I’ve been subscribed since Early 2016. I’m following on Twitter as well although the Main account doesn’t follow me Back. Trolls 😕 the New NXT podcast opening music. Nice!!! I dig all the Impressions ( especially Stone Cold) SideNote: Dont Do Drunk Ric Flair until Charlotte wins the Tittle or Ric makes a Return. Wont seem right. The Podcast I truly enjoy are the Ones before a PPV. The Predictions are a nice touch. It’s nice to know that other feel the same when I watch the Show. We don’t personally know each other but think alike, we’re not the Crazy ones. Lol. Keep it Up Fellas.
“And that’s the Bottomline. Cause Stone Cold, said So”

Sept. 24, 2017 by Chiefhood on Apple Podcasts

What's Wrong With Wrestling?