What's Wrong With Wrestling?

Awesome Podcast!

Listening to this podcast over the last year has reignited reignited my passion for wrestling, after skipping out at the end of the attitude era.

I recently subscribed to the WWE network for the Royal Rumble however after the garbage that was Fast Lane I quickly unsubscribed, I will however remain subscribed to the what's wrong with wrestling podcast and can't wait to hear them ripping on the WWE for many years to come!

The guys hilarious assessment of the performances and writing on the show 100% captures the fans frustrations and anger with the current product, whilst also highlighting the moments to savor.

I really hope the product gets better for you guys and you keep producing creative ideas like the GOAT draft. 5 stars!

March 6, 2017 by Jlove1989 on Apple Podcasts

What's Wrong With Wrestling?