What's Wrong With Wrestling?


I've been watching WWF/WWE since 1998 took a break around 2002 then have been on and off since then using youtube and forums to keep me up to date. After finding your podcast, you guys have reinvigorated my passion for this product. Andrew, Joe, and Eric are true wrestling fans, willing to say just how exactly they feel about when a segment, storyline, or wrestler is crap. They don't apologize or justify when something is wrong like a lot of these WWE apologists you see on the internet.

If you guys are looking for a solid 1 and half hour of discussion, Andrew voice impressions/about have an aneurysm when he sees Corbin or Reigns, and just other guy who are passionate about the WWE, which is harder to come across in this day age. 5/5 all the way.

-Dat Banks Booty
PS a fellow fan's rants for Wrestlemania...
#1: Duck Lesnar/Goldberg
#2: Duck John Cena/Nikki Miz/Maryse
#3. Duck SHANE/AJ STYLES. Best wrestler in the world today and he's being wasted on this? I'd rather Styles wins the battle royal instead of Luke Harper.
#4. DUCK REIGNS/TAKER. Seriously, save Strowman/Reigns for Wrestlemania. Keeps them both occupied, away from the title, set up a no holds bar and you got an entertaining match. I would rather see a returning Balor vs Taker, admittingly alone for the entrances.
#5. Duck Goldberg..just..

Feb. 20, 2017 by Dat Banks Booty on Apple Podcasts

What's Wrong With Wrestling?