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Awesome “guest appearances”😮😮😮


Wrestling news, recaps, opinions, entertainment. Plus “visits” by Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Vince McMahon and others


I love these guys they give you all you need to now about wwe aew with humor.The best recap podcast ever


These gentlemen need to be on at least 3 times a week! SPIDER-MAN!!


Wrestling information, wrestling entertainment. Fun galore


Wish these guys were on more than once a week


Reviews, comments, predictions, comedy sound bites and impersonations! The best!

Show is hilarious

Absolutely love the humor and just tell it like it is in this pod cast.


Need my fix. Impersonations and sound bites, right on


Still the best wrestling podcast


The best wrestling podcast


The best. Just enough impersonations and comedy. Love this show


LOVE the new soundboard


These guys provide the laughter and insight of all news wrestling. You love wrestling? Great. You hate wrestling? Even better. Ive been listening to these guys for about 5 years now and they have become like Vin diesel says FAMILY. You will love this podcast

My fav wrestling podcast.

My favorite by far, and actually only good WWE podcast available. Thank you.

Push Josh

Saw these guys at ComicCon. Great podcast

Great show

Funny and awesome


Informative and fun. These guys are the best


The hosts do not take themselves so seriously. A breath of fresh air

What’s wrong with wrestling podcasts?

What’s wrong with other podcasts? They aren’t this one. They are entertaining and provide the information you need if you miss something. Their perspective is humorous but insightful and they also have awesome bonus content if you are a subscriber. Their brackets and other shows are really innovative and fun to watch. Highly recommended


These guys are entertaining and they know what they are talking about. No smoke. They respect the opinions of others, unlike many’s wrestling podcasts


This podcast cured my aids.


I was in the middle of an episode when it said explicit can you plz change it back thanks


Love the podcast. I’ve been listening for like 2 years now and I love how honest they are. We all know WWE has been hitting the toilet for some time now and they are just being honest. Yes the shows have sucked for long enough. Yes they’re extremely predictable. This podcast just lays it the cards on the table facing up and that’s all you could ever ask for. No sugar coating here.


The only wrestling podcast worth listening to. Frankly just listen to this rather then watching wrestling.

This is a nice podcast

This is a nice podcast. It is enjoyable.

Pizza ?

This podcast is the only reason I still watch WWE.

They tell the awful truth…and it’s hilarious

The hosts point out the glaring stupidity of wrestling in a very imaginative way. Engaging, funny and honest. The impressions are spot on too.

Best wrestling show around

Honestly these guys have a take on today wrestling landscape and it is better then anyone out there. Every time I listen it’s like they are having the same arguments that myself and my friends would have. Thank you guys for everything (maybe not Josh) #pusheric


Top wrestling podcast for all the marks out there