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This is a nice podcast

This is a nice podcast. It is enjoyable.

Pizza ?

This podcast is the only reason I still watch WWE.

They tell the awful truth…and it’s hilarious

The hosts point out the glaring stupidity of wrestling in a very imaginative way. Engaging, funny and honest. The impressions are spot on too.

Best wrestling show around

Honestly these guys have a take on today wrestling landscape and it is better then anyone out there. Every time I listen it’s like they are having the same arguments that myself and my friends would have. Thank you guys for everything (maybe not Josh) #pusheric


Top wrestling podcast for all the marks out there

Wrestling is real!!

Wrestling is Real!!!

Best feel-good podcast ever!

I’ll always listen to the boys AGAIN! AGAIN! AGAIN!

Great Pod!

This review mocks your review.... WWWW is the Roman Reigns of pods. Cannot be beat. 😂😂 Seriously, these guys are great!


Always a blast to listen to them.

By far...

The best podcast ever

Mannn that Lars sound bite 🤣🤣🤣



Most entertaining wrestling podcast by far.


By far one of my favourite podcasts ever. So funny, thanks and good job guys


It’s fun hearing Howard Wolowitz and Rick Sanchez discuss wrestling with Joe.

Sexy boy, nope

It should be against the law for Shawn Michaels to play his theme song if HE Is the one coming out to it. WTH happened to him. It’s not like he doesn’t have money for teeth whitening smh. Sexy boy my ass

Been listening since day 1.

Accidentally stumbled on this podcast a few years ago and I’ve been listening ever since. I don’t even like wrestling anyone & haven’t watch a Raw since I came back and defeated Andrew in Madden!!! Oh he remembers ;)

Pretty good

It’s been killing it. They make wrestling fun.


This is awsome I was going to puke in the middle but this is awsome it was also funny I this it is awsome

Great show!

Go easy on the soundboard please. You guys are great without it! Thanks for the laughs!


Love the sarcasm in this podcast. The critiques are awesome. However, it is annoying of the brothers doing The Sandlot kayfabe of being Timmy and Tommy 'Repeat' Timmons. The repeating is annoying (not sure if they are doing this anymore since I am listening to old episodes from 2015). Thank you tho…


These three guys have great banter and they know what they are talking about. The talk can get vulgar, in a harmless way, and I love it.

Will no longer watch any WWE product after the last Saudimania

Although the WWE has done a pretty fantastic job destroying the product I grew up on I will continue to listen to this podcast. The insight and funny takes on the garbage product presented weekly by the WWE keeps me coming back weekly. Keep up the great work. #FuckOldberg


Fantastic podcast!

Best Wrestling podcast hands down.

You guys literally have me in tears every time I listen to the podcast, I look forward to each upload every Wednesday and Saturday! Keep up the amazing work!


One of the very best alt-right wrestling podcasts out there. A microcosm of the rage and fury of wrestling's most vocal demographic that, oddly enough, most promotions seem to ignore. Great jokes, great personalities, can get a little creepy if you're a woman but hey-- that's the industry.


I love these guys keep up the good work.

Please keep me laughing!

I listen to you guys when I work out. There has been many times I almost dropped the weights on my self from laughing so hard. Keep up the good work. Thanks LAW 09


So good, so precise, so funny. But, frankly, NONE of this is a surprise since they are fellow Houstonians. One of the best WWE recap shows, & prolly the best soundboard

Amazing job

These guys are the best in the woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorld!!!!

Best wrestling podcast

If you’re a fan of wrestling and grew up in the attitude era, look no further, you’re home. These guys are hilarious and should be employed by the WWE for storylines. 10/10 recommend 👌🏻

What’s wrong with this podcast...nothing

Don’t always agree with what you have to say, but no guys are funny, entertaining, smart, and your impersonations are spot on!

Amazing show

Hilarious and a very well done recap of WWE Raw and Smackdown. I’ve been listening to Andrew, Joe and Eric since before Eric was a full timer, workhorse. #pusheric if you don’t have the time to watch WWE programming every week but still want to know everything you actually need to know... subscribe…

It’s just a dope show all around

The hosts of this podcast do a great job. The show itself is so funny it rly gets me through on my commute. I actually look forward to when the show drops so I can listen to it in the car on my drive in or back home for the hour and half to two hours. Its funny, it’s entertaining, and actually does…

Very entertaining

Knowledgeable and funny! Recommended!

Funny & Great content

The banter is unmatched on this podcast! awesome trio and love the sections and segments of the show. Always look forward to new episodes knowing i’m gonna get the wrestling scoop and a few laughs too!

And that’s the bottom line because Andrew Pisano said so!

This is not just my favorite wrestling podcast but favorite podcast, period! Andrew is the heart of the show and does amazing impressions. Joe is hilarious, more of my generation and actually remembers the days of Saturday night main event and understands how important Hogan was. Eric is there... h…


This review is everything you want in a WWE program review. Funny guys with chemistry, straight forward analysis of the events that happened, and some cool segments. Even the theme song is catchy! There are so many of these types of podcasts but this is without a doubt one of the best wrestling …

From That’s 90’s Kid

Andrew, you and AJ Styles should have “Stone Cold off” to see who has the better Stone Cold impression.

Great podcast.

I don’t even watch wrestling anymore but still listen every week cause these dudes are funny and enjoyable to listen to.


Great content, great segments and hilariously funny. very morning radio vibe. K-III

Let me tell you somethin brother!

This podcast is awwwwwesome! You guys are hilarious! I don’t have time to watch WWE every week so I rely on you guys to keep me informed. My girlfriend bought me tickets to the WWE live holiday tour it will be our first live event! What should we expect from a live event?

Greatest podcast ever!!!!

This podcast is best. I look forward to it more then any other podcast I listen to. Guys are funny as hell and make a bad product entertaining. Listen to this podcast.

Best wrestling podcast out!

Been a fan of this podcast for sometime now and highly recommend it from their voice impersonations to their funny take on the current product of wwe it’s my favorite podcast to listen to and you guys keep me laughing. I found you guys through my friend / fellow Patreon member Gary 5 stars!

U lit

U lit fam

Great podcast

U know it a good podcast when u leave a review


This is probably the best podcast I have herd in a while. I was wondering if you would consider doing one for SmackDown and one for Raw? Thanks again. Also you peace of trash this keeps me involved in the WWE.


Easily the best wrestling podcast out there. Always a blast to listen to them.

The best podcast

I listen to you guys every time you upload main roster and nxt, You guys are awesome. You tell Like it is, no bs. Best podcast out there no doubt about it.

Big Wes from Indiana

I don’t watch any of the wrestling shows or pay per views. I only listen to you guys each week. I really enjoy your show but hate what wwe is doing. I loved wrestling growing up but now it’s seems so more about the money than the quality of its product. Question- Do you see nxt staying long term …

What’s right with this podcast?

You guys are the most amazing podcast I have ever listened to. I totally agree with your opinions, and I am a huge fan of wrestling! By the way, my name is Jonah. I’m the one you shouted out in your Hell In a Cell 2018 predictions episode. Andrew, I have to refer back to the line “Andrew’s always r…

Funny-Informative..Yea really Good

The only Podcast I laugh outloud to or too. Love the shows structure. Look forward to listening every Wednesday. Thanks Guys!

love it!

This is the most entertaining wrestling podcast you're going to find. These guys bring it every week.

Great Pod👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

New listener, big fan of the pod, I just got one question, remember at the Hall of Fame this year when they inducted that kid? They kept showing highlights when he said Roman reigns was his favorite wrestler. So my question is, how much did Vince pay him to say that?

And that’s the bottom line....

You guys are podcast gold! I first heard about you guys on the Edge and Christian podcast when Andrew did the Stone Cold impression of Dude loves entrance music and absolutely lost it when he did the “eh eh” . That made my first impression on you guys awesome and you havent disappointed week in an…

Feels like a show me and my buddies would do.

Guys keep it up. I honestly look forward to your show every week. Many times instead of watching the episodes of raw or smackdown I miss I just listen to the podcast instead. I grew up in the attitude era and the perspective is refreshing and truly makes me feel better when I hear you say the booki…

Best. Podcast. Ever.

Thank you guys for being the highlight of my week, and making me look like an idiot when I try not to laugh out loud at work. Keep up the great work. ❤️

New raw announcers

5 stars isn’t enough more like 10 stars . My birthday is Sunday June 24th and when I blow out those candles there is only one wish that anyone could wish for and that is you guys take over as the new and improved Monday Night Raw announcers. Biggest fan , …

5 Stars

I’ve been listening for a couple years now, and I don’t know how I haven’t left a 5 star review yet. I’m slacking. I stopped watching RAW and Smackdown because I don’t have time to sit through 5 hours of show every week. I listened to a few wrestling podcasts before realizing this one is by far the…

Give me a hell yeah

These guys are my favorite wrestling commentary podcast, because they just get it. If you are tired of the stale and predictable storylines, and awful writing in WWE today this one is for you. Trust me, you’ll watch Raw and Smackdown just to find the errors these guys will point out, or try to gu…

Stack of dimes

Great podcast , starting watching wrestling again around survivor series Goldberg vs lesnar , and found this podcast, can honestly say I only watch wrestling the following day and fast forward through 90% of it just so I can listen to this podcast review critique the good and usually bad, these 3 h…

Great podcast

These guys are hilarious. They do a great job on recapping each week of horrible wwe and making it so much better. The impressions are great. Get the nxt podcast too they do even better with good wrestling to recap. Haha.

Podcast that Kurt should be texting for advice

I happened to find this podcast a little over a year and a half ago and look forward to it every single week. I grew up watching the Attitude Era of WWE as well as the NWO days of WCW and then stopped watching wrestling in the mid 2000s. Started getting back into WWE about 2 years ago and happened …


Raindrop. Drop top. Breakthrough. Spaghetti sauce.

Stompin a mud hole in WWE!

These guys are the BEST! Very entertaining group of dudes who bring valid opinions and comedy to the wrestling world. They are not company guys so they can get away with saying anything and don’t have to kiss the old wrinkled rump of Mr. MCMAHON! Mostly everything you guys talk about is what is on …

Highlight Of My Wrestling Week

I listen to many wrestling podcasts, but these guys are the champions. I had found myself fast forwarding through most of Raw and Smackdown because they’ve become unbearable to watch. I now don’t fast forward as much to see if the WWWW guys feel the same way as I do. They really tell it like it is …

6 Stars

I’ve been listening to these guys for quite some time. I just recently got an iPhone and as soon as I could I subscribed the podcast on iTunes. They bring a fresh take to the wrestling world and always get me laughing. Andrews Joker and stone cold impressions are insane and Joe’s Jesse the mind is …

The real American hero’s

Thank you for being troopers and sitting through some of the most boring times in wrestling (on the main roster). For that I can not thank you enough but to listen to every week and to be a patron.

Hey Hey (Boring Corbin voice)

You know you guys were the first podcast I tried out and I’ve been hooked since. I do landscaping for a living and your podcast help me drift away to a better place. I also got my Girlfriend into Wrestling because of you guys. We just became patreon supporters.....ya know I’m starting to believe wi…


Thank you guys for the great shows. Definitely give these guys a listen to and check out the old stuff to. #pushallya'll

Best thing goin’ today

One of the few good things to come out of wrestling these past years has been this podcast. These guys call it like it is and the only reason i try to watch wrestling is to compare notes with this podcast. It’s honest. It’s hilarious. It’s refreshing to hear their take on the storylines and if thes…

Best show ever!!!

Amazing podcast makes the wwe watchable again. I run a 10 hour route every night and started to listening from the beginning of the podcast the July 2015 episodes with Drew are amazing! Best ever!!!

You guys are amazing!!!!!!!!

I’ve been listening to you guys for a couple years now and each week to show just keeps getting amazing. Even when I think WWE is moving in the direction and will put out some content that will be amazing I am secretly hoping that they keep screwing up because it makes your show that much more amaz…

Great Podcast

Guys keep it interesting every week, doing a great review of wrestling every week while throwing in bits of pop culture and their own personalities. It’s nice to have someone to call out some of the bad decisions made in WWE every week while also making us laugh hysterically.

Give me a hell yeah

Easily one of the best pod casts I’ve ever listened to. These guys are the voice of the common man. Also can you do an entire show as a Stone Cold? Great show!!


Great podcast, funny, witty and smart.. if there was a sign about this podcast I would point to it. Always better than Raw and Smackdown. 🙂👍🏼🙌🏼

Something To Mark With

Great audio quality and logical booking ideas. I really appreciate the way these guys fill in the gaps of content that I didn’t even notice while watching the current product. They break down both RAW and SmackDown, they do weekly Awards, breaking news, trivia, and questions. All in all they have a…

Great show

Been watching Wwe since I was a kid you guys make me look at wwe another way great show Sweep IT!!!!!!!

Arguably the best wrestling podcast out there

When wrestling is good it’s great. When it’s bad it’s terrible. These guys make bad wrestling not just tolerable, but hilarious!

Only podcast I listen to and have since mania 30

I watch raw and smackdown and find myself thinking what Joe, Andrew, and Eric will say about something that's happened. I look forward to the podcast every week. 5/5 would recommend, and have recommended.

Nothing but laughs and great times

I discovered this podcast 2 years ago while recovering from being hit by a car (thanks Alberto) and this show made rehab and watching wrestling bearable again I watch Wwe on the regular now thanks to these good brothers and have been a guest multiple times on the preshow only question I have when i…

You just made the list

Ok I was just kidding about the reigns part but honestly this an amazing show and they have a ton of knowledge and it is done super well.

5 Star WWE Review

Great way to catch up on wrestling. It got me to start paying attention to WWE storylines again. Still only watch the PPV though. Considering reducing their rating after those comments about Detroit last week for WM35 ;) 5 stars! 5 stars! 5 stars! 5 stars! 5 stars!

Favorite Wrestling Podcast

Listen every week to you guys, looking forward to more retro recaps. P.S. stop picking on Josh lol

Thank you 👏🏼

I listen to your weekly recaps of RAW and Smackdown every week while I’m working and I love it. A lot of us notice the ridiculous things that are said and done on each show, but it’s always funnier to actually hear it 😂. On point, humorous, & entertaining!

#TooSweet Podcast

Always love listening to these guys every week, these guys expired me and a friend of mine to do our own podcast(#TooSweet podcast), i liked all 3 of y'all until joe beat me in the divisional round...

7 star podcast

This is one of my favorite podcasts and the content is amazing,I found these guys at comic palooza and I became a fan ever sense.#7stars #pusheric #firejosh

Best Wrestling Pod

These guys are the truth and say what everyone is thinking. Keep it up. Kloob for lyfe.

Very funny

Been listening for about a year now and this is the best wrestling podcasts every week when it ends I want more great job guys #pushjosh

Little Caesars

Would Josh touch tips with Ryback for a lifetime supply of Little Caesar’s? Probably.

This is glorious!!

I love you guys!! You make me laugh every single episode. There is truly a lot wrong with wrestling. And up may be down, and down may be up, but you guys still rock!! #pusheric #pushandrew #pushjoe #dontpushjosh

Good stuff

Good stuff, when I’m at work I listen to a bunch of the old stuff to kill time. Got into it from the E&C pod. Oh & Josh Mickey Mouse episode is the NXT Toronto predictions. 😆

Simply Awesome

Started listening after hearing Andrew on Edge and Christian. Love the show especially last weeks episode. Was crying laughing in the car. Keep up the great work

Great podcast!!

Great listen every week super funny. Awards are the best part about the show.. sweep it!! Only thing is would love more Jesse Ventura impressions.. Now on YouTube the nxt recap check it out.



By far the best

This podcast has me laughing throughout the whole thing. I have searched around 20 different wrestling podcast and I have not found a better one. I love the humor and the banter and the discussion. PS: where in the world is Joe Paizano?

Great podcast

Tied with Edge and Christian for my favorite podcast. Especially enjoy the NXT shows. Love the interactions between Andrew and Josh.

I'm a fan.

They say everything I'm thinking. And since I can't talk to too many people about wwe around here, it's awesome to feel like you have a community.

Roman Reigns is the Rocks cousin

Hogan works 400 Days a year, Kane and the Undertaker are actually related, and Jinder Mahal is NOT FROM CANADA HES FROM INDIA STOP SAYING HES FROM CANADA. Sincerely, Vince McMahon Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed She was looking kind of dumb …

5 Time ... 5 Star WCW WWWW Champ

I’m digging the Podcast. I’ve been subscribed since Early 2016. I’m following on Twitter as well although the Main account doesn’t follow me Back. Trolls 😕 the New NXT podcast opening music. Nice!!! I dig all the Impressions ( especially Stone Cold) SideNote: Dont Do Drunk Ric Flair until Charlotte…

Hall of Fame worthy wrestling podcast

The hosts of this show have a tremendous amount of love for the history of wrestling and the wrestlers themselves and thier delivery of both useful information and humor is spot on. The show may not be for everyone, but sometimes opinions can be wrong. Like when I ask "what do you want for lunch,…