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Love the sarcasm in this podcast. The critiques are awesome. However, it is annoying of the brothers doing The Sandlot kayfabe of being Timmy and Tommy 'Repeat' Timmons. The repeating is annoying (not sure if they are doing this anymore since I am listening to old episodes from 2015). Thank you though for the laughs.


These three guys have great banter and they know what they are talking about. The talk can get vulgar, in a harmless way, and I love it.

Will no longer watch any WWE product after the last Saudimania

Although the WWE has done a pretty fantastic job destroying the product I grew up on I will continue to listen to this podcast. The insight and funny takes on the garbage product presented weekly by the WWE keeps me coming back weekly. Keep up the great work. #FuckOldberg


Fantastic podcast!

Best Wrestling podcast hands down.

You guys literally have me in tears every time I listen to the podcast, I look forward to each upload every Wednesday and Saturday! Keep up the amazing work!


One of the very best alt-right wrestling podcasts out there. A microcosm of the rage and fury of wrestling's most vocal demographic that, oddly enough, most promotions seem to ignore. Great jokes, great personalities, can get a little creepy if you're a woman but hey-- that's the industry.


I love these guys keep up the good work.

Please keep me laughing!

I listen to you guys when I work out. There has been many times I almost dropped the weights on my self from laughing so hard. Keep up the good work. Thanks LAW 09


So good, so precise, so funny. But, frankly, NONE of this is a surprise since they are fellow Houstonians. One of the best WWE recap shows, & prolly the best soundboard

Amazing job

These guys are the best in the woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorld!!!!

Best wrestling podcast

If you’re a fan of wrestling and grew up in the attitude era, look no further, you’re home. These guys are hilarious and should be employed by the WWE for storylines. 10/10 recommend 👌🏻

What’s wrong with this podcast...nothing

Don’t always agree with what you have to say, but no guys are funny, entertaining, smart, and your impersonations are spot on!

Amazing show

Hilarious and a very well done recap of WWE Raw and Smackdown. I’ve been listening to Andrew, Joe and Eric since before Eric was a full timer, workhorse. #pusheric if you don’t have the time to watch WWE programming every week but still want to know everything you actually need to know... subscribe and listen to these guys breakdown the shows in detail and rip them apart on everything WWE does wrong.

It’s just a dope show all around

The hosts of this podcast do a great job. The show itself is so funny it rly gets me through on my commute. I actually look forward to when the show drops so I can listen to it in the car on my drive in or back home for the hour and half to two hours. Its funny, it’s entertaining, and actually does say everything that’s wrong with wrestling weekly and there’s plenty to talk about lol. Thanks guys, great show.

Very entertaining

Knowledgeable and funny! Recommended!

Funny & Great content

The banter is unmatched on this podcast! awesome trio and love the sections and segments of the show. Always look forward to new episodes knowing i’m gonna get the wrestling scoop and a few laughs too!

And that’s the bottom line because Andrew Pisano said so!

This is not just my favorite wrestling podcast but favorite podcast, period! Andrew is the heart of the show and does amazing impressions. Joe is hilarious, more of my generation and actually remembers the days of Saturday night main event and understands how important Hogan was. Eric is there... he says stuff... They’re genuine, they love the business and they are more entertaining most weeks than the shows they recap.


This review is everything you want in a WWE program review. Funny guys with chemistry, straight forward analysis of the events that happened, and some cool segments. Even the theme song is catchy! There are so many of these types of podcasts but this is without a doubt one of the best wrestling reviews. As soon as I finished my first listen, I liked it so much I wanted to listen to the previous episode. Great listen while driving or working on a home project.

From That’s 90’s Kid

Andrew, you and AJ Styles should have “Stone Cold off” to see who has the better Stone Cold impression.

Great podcast.

I don’t even watch wrestling anymore but still listen every week cause these dudes are funny and enjoyable to listen to.


Great content, great segments and hilariously funny. very morning radio vibe. K-III

Let me tell you somethin brother!

This podcast is awwwwwesome! You guys are hilarious! I don’t have time to watch WWE every week so I rely on you guys to keep me informed. My girlfriend bought me tickets to the WWE live holiday tour it will be our first live event! What should we expect from a live event?

Greatest podcast ever!!!!

This podcast is best. I look forward to it more then any other podcast I listen to. Guys are funny as hell and make a bad product entertaining. Listen to this podcast.

Best wrestling podcast out!

Been a fan of this podcast for sometime now and highly recommend it from their voice impersonations to their funny take on the current product of wwe it’s my favorite podcast to listen to and you guys keep me laughing. I found you guys through my friend / fellow Patreon member Gary 5 stars!

U lit

U lit fam

Great podcast

U know it a good podcast when u leave a review


This is probably the best podcast I have herd in a while. I was wondering if you would consider doing one for SmackDown and one for Raw? Thanks again. Also you peace of trash this keeps me involved in the WWE.


Easily the best wrestling podcast out there. Always a blast to listen to them.

The best podcast

I listen to you guys every time you upload main roster and nxt, You guys are awesome. You tell Like it is, no bs. Best podcast out there no doubt about it.

Big Wes from Indiana

I don’t watch any of the wrestling shows or pay per views. I only listen to you guys each week. I really enjoy your show but hate what wwe is doing. I loved wrestling growing up but now it’s seems so more about the money than the quality of its product. Question- Do you see nxt staying long term even after HHH runs company and how until HHH takes over raw?