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5 star! 5 star! 5 star!

This podcast is Glorious! I drive all day everyday for a living and stumbled upon this podcast about a year ago and look forward every Thursday and Saturday (although Josh is a troll and makes me want to pile drive him the same Owen did to Austin) but with the impressions and brackets and ppv recaps. It's the best wrestling podcast for anyone who misses bra and panties matches! Keep up with the awesome misogynist podcast. 5 star 5 star 5 star

First listen! SUCESS!!!!!!!

Found you guys through E&C!!!! I dig the name, the content, and the CHARISMA!!!!!!!! AND YOU CANT TEACH THAT!!!!!! BADA BOOM REALEST GUYS IN THE ROOM!!!! Keep up the stellar work!

Chan the Titans fan

Great podcast that makes you laugh out loud every time you listen plus great recaps and reviews.

Top level recaps

I started listening about two years ago when I was looking for wrestling podcasts to listen at work and although at first I was skeptical, week by week they won me over. Now they're the ones I look forward to listen to every week. While other podcasts over-complain and skip segments these guys seem to enjoy it and do their recaps comprehensively. I know some things are more important than others, but I do enjoy that they give every segment a little time, as brief as it may be. I also appreciate the format of the show, its definitely something that was well thought-out. Keep up the good work!

Funny and informative insight!

Met you guys at Houston Comicpalooza last week and I got to say, you have a new fan! Funny, informative commentary that feels like you are tapping into my mind!

Misogyny at its best

This podcast is a play by play recap of WWE programming with a healthy dose of misogyny and zero racism. Also, stop using the word 'misogyny' if you don't know what it means. These guys love and respect women.

5 star, 5 star, 5 star, 5 star, 5 star review

This podcast is great, I dont even watch raw or smackdown anymore I just listen to the podcast to stay inform. These guys are very funny and have great views on the industry today. I hope they read this since I have a trivia question for them. How many victories did undertaker have at mania as face taker vs heel taker? Keep up the good works guys.

The Best In The World!!!

Thanks for making this podcast the ONLY podcast I listen too. You guys speak from the heart. Keep up the good work and being phenomenal. Also can Drunk Flair wish me a happy birthday which is tomorrow the 18th!

Started watching WWE again.

I stumbled across this podcast about a week ago, and it has revived my interest in the WWE. I stopped watching about 7 years ago. So when I took the chance to listen to this podcast I was reminded why I stopped watching, but also why I loved it so much. These guys are so funny and their impersonations make it that much better. I also look forward to their recaps because it's hilarious to hear about things they noticed that I might have not caught. I'm a fan again and definitely a fan of the podcast.

I like your style

I enjoy the show. It's 5 hours of wrestling in an hour or so. It's a good playback on busy weeks. Thanks fellas.


Joe , Andrew , Eric and josh are the funniest guys in the podcast world I love the insight from all 3 shows funny impressions ( Jessie the mind gets me every time, thanks joe!) Eric's comic book time All of andrews hard work to get this all done And even Josh's hot takes on transgender issues 😂😂😂 thank you all for all the hard work keep it up !

My favorite wrestling podcast!

I am so thankful I stumbled upon this gem. This was the first wrestling podcast I subscribed to, and I can honestly say it's my favorite! The hosts have kept me interested in the product, especially in weeks where I have been too busy to keep up with all the WWE content. I've started to even enjoy Raw/SDLive more because I love watching the shows and waiting to hear what they'll have to say about my favorite (ok maybe least favorite) parts. Hilarious and awesome! If you want to genuinely laugh out loud at how ridiculous the WWE universe can be, this podcast is for you.

Two sweet

Man the show is too funny and goes straight to the point. There UsOcrazy

Awesome Podcast!

Listening to this podcast over the last year has reignited reignited my passion for wrestling, after skipping out at the end of the attitude era. I recently subscribed to the WWE network for the Royal Rumble however after the garbage that was Fast Lane I quickly unsubscribed, I will however remain subscribed to the what's wrong with wrestling podcast and can't wait to hear them ripping on the WWE for many years to come! The guys hilarious assessment of the performances and writing on the show 100% captures the fans frustrations and anger with the current product, whilst also highlighting the moments to savor. I really hope the product gets better for you guys and you keep producing creative ideas like the GOAT draft. 5 stars!

Highlight of the Week

Been following the podcast for over a year now, and I look forward to every new episode for impressions, jokes, and wrestling updates (saves 5 hours a week not having to watch it on TV). Favorite esisode to replay is the All Time Draft, with impressions of all the old-school stars. Definitely subscribe, like, and leave a 5-Star, 5-Star, 5-Star- 5-Star, 5-Star Review!!!.......Can you dig that!?!


I've been watching WWF/WWE since 1998 took a break around 2002 then have been on and off since then using youtube and forums to keep me up to date. After finding your podcast, you guys have reinvigorated my passion for this product. Andrew, Joe, and Eric are true wrestling fans, willing to say just how exactly they feel about when a segment, storyline, or wrestler is crap. They don't apologize or justify when something is wrong like a lot of these WWE apologists you see on the internet. If you guys are looking for a solid 1 and half hour of discussion, Andrew voice impressions/about have an aneurysm when he sees Corbin or Reigns, and just other guy who are passionate about the WWE, which is harder to come across in this day age. 5/5 all the way. -Dat Banks Booty PS a fellow fan's rants for Wrestlemania... #1: Duck Lesnar/Goldberg #2: Duck John Cena/Nikki Miz/Maryse #3. Duck SHANE/AJ STYLES. Best wrestler in the world today and he's being wasted on this? I'd rather Styles wins the battle royal instead of Luke Harper. #4. DUCK REIGNS/TAKER. Seriously, save Strowman/Reigns for Wrestlemania. Keeps them both occupied, away from the title, set up a no holds bar and you got an entertaining match. I would rather see a returning Balor vs Taker, admittingly alone for the entrances. #5. Duck Goldberg..just..



Wait...they are fans?

A podcast for the wrestling fan. If you don't have a good sense of humor, then I wish you luck in your future endeavors. They will never run out of bad content to turn into comedic long as Reigns is wrestling, this podcast will live on. I came for the Macho Man, Ric Flair, and Stone Cold impersonations and I have stayed to share in the misery and to Make Wrestling Fun Again. P.S. it goes double for me as a Jet fan like you's Pisanos.

Hilarious Wrestling Podcast

These guys might sound like a cuppa haters but they are def what's best for business. I only got one word for ya and I'm gonna spell it out.....hilarious.


GG I h8 Roman you make me laugh my friends disagree but I disagree with them you guys ROCK! Keep up the good work! Also your not good guys your not bad guys your the kick out finisher pin repeat! Oh wait I mean the guys! Keep up the good work boys!

A perfect blend of laughs and information.

A hilarious podcast for new and old fans of wrestling that watch a particular large sports entertainment company's tv shows. They cringe at and mock the silliness, but also love the product.

Great Podcast for new wrestling fans

I consistently listen to the podcast every week. Recaps are clear and to the point, and they give helpful rumors and news that I enjoy. WWE could gain a lot by cutting Reigns and Corbin and using that money to get these guys on their creative team. I began watching wrestling for the first time since my childhood around a year ago (though at that time I was so young I'd rather play with the action figures than follow RAW). I have rapidly gotten into the performance and story telling aspects of wrestling and this Podcast gives me some context for all the years of wrestling I missed with trivia and discussions of past wrestlers.


That's pretty good

Best Wrestling podcast out there

These guys are true wrestling fans and really have something special with this podcast. If you are a longtime fan you will appreciate the commentary on today's WWE and have a good laugh. Keep up the good work boys! You should make some stickers.

Beat podcast on iTunes

This podcast is not only the most glorious podcast on iTunes but is also phenomenal. The podcast is filled with hilarious impersonations from sin cara to stone cold. guys keep up the great work

Love This Podcast

I love this podcast. The voice impressions are hilarious, From Stone Cold, Drunk Flair to Chrisley knows dicks. The hosts have really good humor. It's reminds me not to take wrestling so seriously and just enjoy it for what it is. Also, What does a conversation between Jesse "The Mind" Ventura and Chrisley Know Dicks, about Roman Regins sound like?

A podcast I look forward to.

This podcast offers a breath of fresh air within the internet wrestling community. Good humor and cynicism balanced with honesty and passion. Youll laugh with them, youll cry with them, and you will feel a warm smile creep up on your face during each listen. After each new podcast, I always find myself thinking "I wish it was longer." Listen to these guys, you will NOT regret it.

Answer: Everything

They are BY FAR the funniest guys I've ever heard commentate about wrestling. I adore this podcast and look forward to meeting the guys at the Royal Rumble. P.S. to Andrew, Joe and Eric (and Josh) message me your T-shirt sizes and I'll have treats for San Antonio.


They are hilarious and make wrestling dope again. Keep it going dawgs. You're so much better than these trash YouTubers and podcasters.

Entertaining and funny

Thanks to this show my friend and I now call each other Uce all the time. The impressions are hilarious...wish we could hear more from Jim Ross...king! Can good old JR give my Uce Kevin and I a shout out? Keep up the good work guys!