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I don't watch WWE anymore

Just recently subscribed to you guys and listen to you all the time. Even started listening to older episodes. Good job guys keep it up

A Mauro Ranallo Style Review

I love this podcast more than Blake Shelton loved Gwen Stefani when he left Miranda Lambert. They rip WWE's bad booking like Trump ripped Hillary over the email scandal. Their hilarious impressions will make you double over in laughter faster than Colin Kaepernick takes a knee for the national anthem. Their witty banter will keep you more entertained than Suicide Squad. Needless to say, if you don't enjoy this podcast, you're more out of touch than Paul Ryan and the RNC!

A++ from the 216

I've been meaning to write a review for some time but didn't have the inspiration until today. I am a lifelong Mr. Hero fiend and if you visit Cleveland and try it you will be too. You'll give my hometown a 5-star review, just like I'm giving this podcast. Great analysis of both the good and bad of our weekly WWE content, timely historical references bring back memories of my childhood, and the impressions "What?", I said the impressions, "What?", I said the absolute "What?", dead-on "What?", hysterical, "What?" impressions are so so good. Fan for life!

Saved my Sanity

These guys are hilarious, I suffer from crippling anxiety but I always find solace when I listen to the podcast, it's been my medicine for a long time, you guys are the best


This podcast is sweet chin music to the ears! I throughly enjoy listening to these guys breakdown and analyze the WWE product each week! Every segment of the podcast is TOO SWEET and entertaining unlike Reigns! Keep it up guys! I'll be at Raw next week in LA!

what is wrong with the wwe

So this is the first podcast of yours that I watch and I love it so much I am going to keep watching from Brian

Five Stars

One of my favorite podcast, keeps me entertained every Thursday morning, the Rick flair, Steve Austin, Jesse Ventura and Chrisly impressions are the best!! Highly recommended it if your a wwe fan.

Always Worth The Time

I thought I had missed this weeks episode and began to get depressed. This is one podcast that I must listen to every week and I never miss. Always a laugh to be had and it makes the hour long drive to work go by quickly. I appreciate the humor that you bring to some shows that aren't always worth the 2-3 hours we put into them. Keep up the good work and thanks!

Great Show! B

Through my chemo (AML Leukemia) you guys have gave me many laughs. A five star rating is the least I could do. But I have a question for the show.. Will they redesign the Universal Championship? If so, when?

Lemonade Out Of Lemons

I love listening to this podcast! These guys take the weekly lemons that WWE gives us and with some SWEET impressions (Stone Cold, Drunk Flair, Jesse "The Mind" Ventura) turn it into comedic GOLD! They give you something to look forward to after being disaapointed by Raw/Smackdown. And it's not just a bashing of WWE all the time. When Raw or Smackdown does something good, they are quick to give them credit. In other words... this show is simply GLORIOUS!

They're the best..around, nothing's gonna bring them down!

I love this podcast! Andrew, Eric and Joe are a bunch of stupid sluts that bring big laughs with this wrestling podcast. Their witty and sarcastic humor is the best and I look forward each week to a new episode. Keep up the great work boys! Cheers, Nate (from San Diego)

This podcast is a conspiracy McMahon

These guys should be paid by the WWE because This podcast is how I keep up with the WWE. It's weird to say that a podcast is more entertaining than Monday night raw but that's the golden truth; this is a testament to how fun and entertaining the hosts are, well, everyone but Josh. The reviews are informing, the opinions are interesting, and overall the show is solid. If you are a pro wrestling fan then you should be listening to this podcast. Thank you guys for your hard work in putting this podcast together, you have given a voice to the voiceless who are fed up with the WWEs complacency and demand a better show, and that's the bottom line...Dip!

Best WWE Podcast Available

Not only is this the best WWE podcast, it's the only one I can stand to listen to. All other pods I have listened to, the hosts are completely ignorant and "botch" their own episodes. But THESE GUYS ARE GREAT. The impressions, knowledge, and comedy are incomparable. They don't take themselves or the WWE too seriously, while remaining big fans at the same time. It's like they are in my head stealing my thoughts. If I could change one thing, it would be to have a guest fan every PPV to submit predictions for a chance at the WWWWWE Predictions Title Belt. I vote me for the first opportunity!

Just like a WWE MOTY candidate...

Would've been 5 stars if it was in the Tokyo Dome.

Consistency is key

Want to listen to a podcast that knows their wrestling? Want to listen to podcast that has regular guest such as: Stone Cold, Drunk Ric Flair, Macho Man Randy Savage, Jesse "The Mind" Ventura, or down's syndrome Becky Lynch? Want a podcast that praises and critiques, pumps out consistent content, and always entertains? Well, look no further... #TheyHateRoman

Awesome and Hilarious

Listen here McMahon, this podcast is an inside job. Great insight into the current WWE product. I look forward to this podcast every week. Keep it up!


These guys are simply hilarious. Their opinions and analysis are on point and they work with each other very well. This podcast is now a part of my weekly routine and I look forward to Wednesday's when it's released.

Great Show

Great perspective on wrestling shows. Highly entertaining.

This podcast is radical

A daily routine of my week now, the honest truth is being spit out of these podcasts and really makes me want to watch raw more just to be able to mark out/ cry out with the hosts. Here's a question for you guys, Push Fire Bury -Seth Rollins, - Finn Balor - Shinsuke Nakamura

A+ podcast

The host are extremely funny and entertaining. They give the wwe props when they do something good and let's it be known when they mess up. There wrestling impersonations are spot on. The first time listening I really though Steve Austin was on the show with them for a few minutes. Great podcast. Keep up the good work !


These guys have become my favorite part of my Wednesday routine. The show never fails to make me laugh out loud. The best part is their frustrations at time show how big of fans they really are. I been listening to these guys since they started, and they are only getting better. Keep up the good work.

The best wrestling podcast out!

You tell it like it is! The Flair and Stone Cold impressions are classic! Keep up the good work jobronies! Can stone cold give me a hell yeah?

Simply the most entertaining WWE podcast by far

My Ryback leaving induced depression is only soothed by listening to this unique and extremely entertaining podcast on what's wrong (and right) with the WWE. A no holds barred take on the current product with an enormous amount of credibility due to the ability to also admit when the WWE (infrequently) shines. Featuring the world famous Bunny Boys tag team as well as renowned Wrestling T-Shirt Collector Eric Hamilton, this show has above all else genuine knowledge of both wrestling history and its current status which lends depth to each broadcast. So while I still actively mourn the loss of the staggeringly talented Ryback (as likely do the hosts), I have this show as a weekly retreat from that pain.

Love the podcasts

Been listening for a while love the sound effects you guys have I think you need more of those at random times haha I die I think you guys should have a segment where you sing classic songs as stone cold Steve Austin and ric flair.

Is this working? 3rd Try

I keep trying to review but it's not showing! Thank you so much for having the only good wrestling podcast out there and for not sugar coating anything! The impressions are my favorite part.

Lana's puppies 👅

A wrestling show that even Bret Hart would rate it 10/10. Weekly listener for a year now and cannot wait until the smackdown review show. But along with the great wrestling conversations and real thoughts on the company, I also found out how I can see Lana topless. Boys, thank you.


This is the BEST wrestling podcast out right now! Yeah that's right Chris Jericho, you stupid idiot! R.I.P. To all other wrestling podcast cause it's time to get out the shovel cause everyone knows when you face what's wrong with wwe you get buried!!!! Wooooo!

The Best Podcast in the World

This isn't a good podcast, it's not a bad podcast, it's THE Podcast!! Keep up the great work guys!!

Best Podcast Ever

This has got to be the greatest podcast of all time. Not only do these guys know what they're talking about but they breakdown every single little thing that is wrong with the WWE today. Somebody needs to give these guys a job as head writers on a wrestling promotion today.

Just too Sweeeet!

Great podcast, if only they did two podcasts a week....will it happen?!