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Listen to this podcast!!!! I mean it's great you can't get any better then these guys. They actually are fans unlike raw afterbuzz or whatever that crap is called. I love this show you should deff listen come for the beeches and stay for the beeches

oose so amazing

the wrestling gods have given us hope with this podcast. WWE is garbage but these guys keep me watching every week. No body F*cking Wrestles anymore!!! Ooo btw enzo is insulting to Italian americans and dean is a balding overrated hack and Roman is the next Kurt Angle. haha- look what I made you say out loud!


I'd bet joe can't say haberdasher 4 times fast. 5 star podcast even if he can't. However 6 star podcast if he can! Keep it up! Don't change a thing! ⭐️🌟🌟🌟🌟⭐️

Review from Puerto Rico

COME TO PUERTO RICO...where you can listen to one of the funniest podcasts of all time BEETCHES!! Seriously this podcasts makes the terrible WWE product of the last 5 years tolerable....I often find myself repeatedly searching for new episodes on Tuesday as I cannot wait to hear how raw will be made fun of next. Keep up the awesome job and keep having those Charlotte/IC title dreams YOU NUTJOB!!

A Weekly Must Listen

The best thing you can say about this podcast is that it's so funny you don't need to enjoy or watch the product they're discussing to laugh repeatedly. My son and I watch WWE and love Andrew and Joe's weekly reviews. (Although admittedlty I have to be ready to mute parts for him) My girlfriend hates wrestling and has laughed so hard at this podcast she's peed herself. This is the only podcast that I never miss or skip a single episode of, it's that good.

Best wrestling podcawst I've come across

I started listening to your show about 2 months ago and it's become a cant miss. Too many people with podcast spend to much time trying to be funny and aren't(afterbuzz Raw review, Between the Ropes) and not enough time actually talking about the product they're supposed to be reviewing. You guys mix it well and call the show like it is, good or bad. With to me great humor. The stonecold and nut job impersonations crack me up everytime. And to top it off the "here comes your brother, here comes your sister" to Shanes theme had me replaying to over and over...Just great. Keep up the good work guys.

reality hurts and this podcast highlights it

I use to watch WWE as a naive mark, but after listening to this podcast i am now an angry smark. I only watch WWE now because of this podcast so that I can laugh and notice the stupidity. I can't wait until they expand their podcast to NXT, Smackdown, Lucha Underground, RoH, or TNA. A+! If they read my review on their podcast, I hope they give me a drunk flair "woo", a austin "hell yea", and a macho "ooooo yea"

What's not wrong with this wwe podcast?

Listen here nut jobs! If the WWE has turned you away with their deer in a head lights booking like they have to this (ryback voice) "the big guy" this podcast will totally make WOO rape the WWE again. These guys will leave you crying in laughter with their classic legends impressions, F marry kill segments, and their "easy trivia" wait who am I kidding who the hell would know the number of times Hulk Hogan jobbed out in his career. The only down fall is this podcast isn't longer than the 3 hours of crap we get each Monday. Keep up the great work UCE

Us us us us

Listen Uses if you're watching Raw for entertainment you're usually going to be disappointed. That's where this show comes in. Sometimes you might disagree with what they're saying (if you were head of creative, the first thing you'd do is put people through extraneous tables?) but who geeves a sheeet.

Always kill Roman Reigns!!!!

Bow down to the kings of professional wrestling podcasts. More over than piped crowd noise for Roman Reigns and better styled than Renee Young. They don't cower to the status quo of the wwe narrative. Slamming the program like the Macho Man to a very willing Stephanie McMahon.

Hell Yeah

You stupid idiot, subscribe to this podcast!


This is a podcast that you will look forward to every week. They answer the hard hitting questions that wrestling fans are too afraid to ask. The episodes get even better when superstars like Flair, Austin or HBK stop by to reply to the fans. Great show and the news is always 100% almost correct.

Best podcast

I don't even watch raw anymore. I just listen to you guys. Very funny, great recaps & great impersonations!!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I wish you guys did another show on just news & sports weekly.

The best thing about WWE sucking

The only thing entertaining about WWE right now is listening to these guys talk about it every week.I could write more,but who gives a sh**!! Keep it up guys!

Great Podcast

These guys are great. I look forward to hearing them every week. They are funny, sarcastic, and well informed. Keep up the good w*DIP!!*

This podcast makes raw worth watching

Because you can't wait to hear the boys bash it every week. If you haven't subscribed to this podcast yet...then what are you doing nut job?!

Great Podcast

Found this a few weeks ago, great stuff, keep it up

Wednesday Staple

Great show. Better than the one they review. Must listen podcast every Wednesday morning. Would've been a 4 star rating but thankfully they put an end to f marry kill with dudes. Keep up the great work.

Bullfighters Are Spanish

Love this show, been listening for about six months, Joe, Andrew, and Eric are hilarious. One thing that bothers me is how they completey misunderstood Titus O'Neil's joke on commentary about the Matadores being Puerto Rican. He was calling out WWE for being racist and just throwing two Puerto Rican guys in a bullfigher gimmick, bullfighting is done in Spain not Puerto Rico! You know what's wrong with the WWE? WHO GIVES A SHEET...jk.

Great weekly show

In case none of you have heard, It's not a good podcast, It's not a bad podcast, It's THE podcast. Unlike Roman Reigns, these guys will not disappoint you.

Too Hot to Handle

These guys put on a great show! Break down everything on Raw. They are hilarious and when the impressions come out get ready to laugh! My only wish is that they would watch NXT so they can enjoy a good show, but then they would have to change the name of the podcast. Keep up the good work fellas

Funniest Podcast out there

Other podcasts can't even come close to the greatness of this one. Deep conversations about wrestling constantly interrupted by random spazzes of Stonecold Steve yelling and Flairic wooing. 5 stars.

Are you ready??

This has got to be one of the funniest podcast around! Keep it real, keep it simple! Listen over and over because they do so many things you may miss it the first time! Worth the subscribe!

Funny AF

More entertaining then the WWE has ever been!!!

Awesome show!

This is one of my favorite wrestling podcasts I listen to. It's part of my weekly ritual now. Tuesday I watch Raw on Hulu, by Wednesday morning the guys have the show up. They only review Raw and pay per view events. They also cover rumors and news! These guys are funny and also get big time guests such as Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Nature Boy Ric Flair and Ryback. Stop reading the reviews already and download an episode.

Awesome show

These guys are hilarious! They put the news out there in the wrestling world and add some flavor to it. One of my top podcast for professional entertainment wrestling

Favorite Wrestling podcast

I love these dudes... They are hilarious , especially the Ric Flair impersonations

Best part of my week

Easily the funniest conversations about the WWE that I've heard. They're not pretentious and they're don't take anything too seriously. Great way to spend an hour of your week.

Great, Fun Show

The comic relief in the world of wrestling podcasts. They joke, do (great) impressions, and say what's on a lot of fans' why the hell do we still watch? They don't talk like marks, which is a good change of pace (but maybe could use some more research here and there.) It's a mixed bag of a show, but that's what also keeps it compelling. I never know what'll hear and that's very unique amongst the field. Keep up the good work, guys. And if you guys ever have another poor friend/guest come on, just overtalk them with Stone Cold impressions. Haha (Eric, you're cool; this isn't about you.)


The One Podcast That Reviews Raw and PPVs finds both minor and major problems and and describes them in an entertaining podcast. Keep Up The Good Work Guys.